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Katra Marketing is an internet marketing agency based in Amman, Jordan. We offer web analytics,  SEO,  social media advertising and creation of marketing strategies for your business. We believe in an integrated approach for web services, that's why we promote not your website but your business in general. Our aim is not to drive traffic, yet bring prospects to our clients. That's our main difference from other digital agencies in the Middle East.

Advantages Customer Service  Clients
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    Packaged Offers

    We offer a transparent list of actions included for each internet service package you choose. Every service has its own stages refined by time and experience of our specialists.

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    Clear Pricing

    We define fixed prices for each package, based on the size and productivity of your business. Most clients we serve can benefit from our digital marketing services, because it is planned for 6 month of work and it is ROI oriented.

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    Informative Content

    We would like to inform and educate our customers, so that they will feel the value of Internet marketing. We are not afraid to share valuable information and knowhows with you.

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    Katra Marketing's focus is internet marketing business, and your benefit of working with us - getting leads and sales growth. Working with us, you are investing in the future of your company, rising your company turnover and return on investment.

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    Branding & Website That Sells

    Proper use of internet marketing tools and the full range of work done not only lead to an increase in sales, but also to continuous improvement of your website. Tracking data changes is easy with our regular reports. Furthermore, our work leads to the clear media weights and corporate image, caused by the Internet advertising.

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    Staying Updated

    The offer of new market tactics, following new and exciting ways for business owners how to connect with their target audience - that's our work. Social Media and websites are not about entertainment nowadays, it turned to be a useful marketing channel, so you can deliver a powerful message in a way that wasn't possible before.

Our Perfect Client:

Organized and interested, values "good" service more than "fast" service;
Love personalisation and willing to pay for it;
Understand that sales go up and down, service stays forever;
Lives and runs business in Jordan, so we can meet face-to-face;
Has a feeling he needs to find new channels to attract more customers;
Has a clear vision and position statement in their mind.


Our Services:

seo3.png  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are proud to say that our SEO service is a revolutionary approach among the digital agencies in the Middle East. The price of our monthly SEO package is cheaper than hiring one full-time internet marketer, our team works faster and you're paying for the amount of work and results done. Our clients have the fullest right to know what they are paying their money for, so we bring regularly updates based on KPIs valuable for your business.


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seo2.png  Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Katra Marketing understands how it's necessary to use different communication channels for the engagement with your potential customers, building your brand awareness and keeping in touch with existing clients. Our SMM services involve main social media networks as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also modify your Social Media offer with a variety of another profiles, suitable for your business, or personal promotion.


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content.png  Content Writing Service

We are passionate about writing quality content that drives the audience to your company website and product pages. Forget SMS mass sending and buying unknown databases, it doesn't work anymore and makes your company look cheap. Instead, invest in a proper content strategy in Arabic or English, and follow it with a team of our copywriters, creating useful, worth-reading materials, personalised for your leads.

It's an era of Inbound Marketing.


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branding1.png  Branding & Company Style

The biggest misunderstanding about brand strategy and overall branding you should understand: a designed company logo, or images you put on your website, or printed leaflets, banners and pens - it is NOT your Brand. Brand creation is a complex, continuous, hard work that comprises deep analysis of your company products and services, consistence of a message delivery, creation of your brand guideline. You can't have employees involvement, or customers recognition in one day. But with a branding strategy you will definitely move ahead from your competitors, who aren't thinking about it yet.


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seo2.png  Internet Strategy for Business

Usually companies are very tight about marketing budget decisions. Katra Marketing can create a strategy for your internet presence, so instead of choosing random marketing channels, going for various tactics, or hiring more SEO specialists, you will have a clear plan in front of you. So, if you are a business owner, and keep your website only to mention on your business cards, you'd better ask yourself: "Do I want to get profit, using a company website?" Yes, it takes time and money, but it's about a real strategy, aligned with your business plan and company objectives. 


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website.png  Marketing Approach to Company Websites

There is a solid misunderstanding how the company websites should be made. Mostly people consider a web designer as an expert in this area. They pay money, he builds them a 10-pages Joomla website. Usually there isn't even a primary SEO, so Google or Alexa doesn't even know about your website presence. So, you get a "SEO professional", after that - an internet analyst, who advises to make a site redesign. As a result - you are paying triple the price. With Katra Marketing you'll get a team, mixing technical, marketing, business approach, to build user interface design and rise sales and conversions.


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If you are not using internet marketing to connect with your customers, you’re missing the unique biggest business channel. With 91% of Jordanian Internet users searching for products and services online, Katra Marketing can help your company to realize its full revenue potential.

Your products are valuable. Find the clients who agree.


Our Certifications

All employees of Katra Marketing work hard on their self-education, so that we can be proud of the level of internet-marketing services we provide in the Middle East.

About Company

KM_logo.pngKatra Marketing's main element is internet marketing for local business, and our clients' sales increase is the most important aim. With our internet agency you invest to the future of your organization, reaching the desired profit and enhancing your ROI.

Outsourcing your internet promotion to competent and reliable marketing team leads not only to sales growth but also to your overall brand improvement.

We work with small and medium companies of any business segments, in Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. If you want to become our client, you can get a quote and work with us on a monthly basis, or in a term of a marketing project you needed.


Our SEO Blog

Our Working Style

1 Interested In Your Business

We take care of the client's business as if it was our own business; it's a matter of a professional pride and responsibility. Usually internet-marketing projects are long-term and have several steps to embrace, so we like what we do and like to be excited about it. That's the main reason why we have a high retention rate and nearly 100% of our clients have come to us via "word of mouth" referrals.

2 Answer Expectations

A digital strategy is your investment that you make for saving time and money throughout the lifetime of your business growth. You have a clear path of every marketing activity and a whole roadmap for how your company will look in the online environment.

3 Result-Focused Manner

Analysis, planning and achieving results is what matter most. Katra Marketing will track and analyse your internet-marketing progress, and get the maximum ROI for your organization.
You will receive regular reports with qualitative and quantitative data, to have the key metrics that you value most.

4 Divide & Do Our Best

Katra Marketing is not a jack-of-all trades digital agency. We do not offer web hosting, cloud services or create Joomla websites. We have packaged offers and it works perfectly with focusing at work that we love and that's what brings great results for your online brand recognition. Though we have reliable partners whom we worked with and can recommend for your additional needs.

5 Conscious Work

In our company we appreciate a wish of every individual of taking more responsibility. One can be a good performer, but at the moment he looks around and says: "I want to do it different and do it better," he is growing professionally.

6 Lean Startup Method

In our business model and services' providing. Katra Marketing is following Lean startup model. It is a simple yet profitable approach. We are using less manpower and our employees get more done because we are hiring multiskilled people who are eager to complement and fulfill each others. We don't have sales managers, that need their own managers to control if they are working. Only people who want to achieve and take responsibility can work in this system. The whole organisational structure optimizes itself. This eliminates overhead and increases the speed that decisions can be taken. Our company has a certain range of services to deliver professional work that engages your audience and ultimately connects them with your brand.