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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of procedures to improve the visibility of a website about the certain topic, as it really suits your business objectives in terms of search engine algorithms. The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract target audience to your company website and convert part of it into customers interested in products and services you offer online. We may say that search engine promotion - one of the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools.

    Our SEO working process has the following stages:

    1 Audit & Keywords

    We make a short survey meeting to understand aims, your focus and direction of future search engine optimization activities. All we need from you is one main clear target and a set of objectives so we understand how to build up our local SEO strategy. Is your goal to increase sales, email sign ups or amount of website visitors? So, at our face-to-face meeting will define your business KPIs. After this we enrich your strategy - mark up the audience you needed and defining the keywords your customers are using.

    2 Optimizing

    We start with organizing your website as SEO-friendly as possible. We use proven SEO tools and techniques to optimize your links, tags, descriptions and sitemap, keeping in touch with you about search engine optimization progress. Our scope of work at this stage is to analyze company content, and re-write to ensure it is irresistible, business-relevant, informative and clear. Specialists in Katra Marketing are working as digital mixologists, combining their experience, ecommerce skills and SEO skills together to ensure the content on your corporate website is reaching your potential customers in Jordan or elsewhere, increasing conversion and legally improving search rankings.

    3 Content Sharing

    We generate useful content and share it with thematic websites that are reaching your target audience. It will attract more visitors to your site and enhance website rankings. How are you doing in local search? As part of our effective link building we ensure you're set up with Google places and that your domain is submitted to local catalogues, so that the next time someone is looking for your product in Jordan, they will notice you.

    4 Tracking & Improvement

    Reporting is the key of any marketing activity. We will form monthly reports based on your initial search engine optimization objectives. SEO is a continuous process, so we spend our project time developing new content; understanding the possibilities and reasons why rankings have changed; generating new campaigns based on renewed products/services; monitoring competitors and looking for new keywords. We are feeling the pulse of modern methods to get the best possible ranking based on selected keywords and phrases, and at the same time - always with a focus on company ROI.


  • SMM Campaigns

    Way of doing business is changing  and requires for a different set of rules to traditional marketing. Taking care of business for the long term, our ongoing social media marketing campaigns help our clients to have benefits from their online presence. We offer our SMM Package to our enterprise customers in Jordan and Middle East, who are responding to changes in their business and looking for new marketing opportunities.

    This is SMM concept how we work with our clients:

    1 Discover

    We are taking a phase of discovery to understand who your customers are, how they are connected with your brand and how your actual social media strategy is working. From this point we highlight main recommendations and begin to organize our social strategy based on a number set KPIs such as increased sales through social channels, measure visitors’ engagement and all campaigns outcomes. We also research what your competitors are doing, so it helps us to understand how customers are communicating, and how we can be sure that your brand is even more engaging, attractive and recognizable.

    2 Strategy

    There are many social channels out there, but we can't ensure you that they are all suitable for your business. We use our knowledge and understanding of your clients and prospects to advise you which channels to use. We build your content plan in connection with your SEO strategy to ensure that we create shareable, interesting content that trigger the emotions of your followers. We plan campaigns, engaging content and social ads that are integrated in to your whole online marketing strategy, growing your audience and increasing your revenues.

    3 Design & Deliver

    After strategic stage we shaped your social strategy in place we get to work designing your social backgrounds to harmonize your brand identity and promote your story. As part of our strategy, we design additional content such as fan-gates or custom tabs to personalize your SM profile. We set up all your activities to run at specific timing, and to reach target specific audiences so we can maximize the conversion rates.

    4 Listening & Reporting

    Among all forms of marketing activities, reporting is the most valuable yet the hardest element. After all SMM activities are set, we should follow how our local social community is dealing with our content, so that we can evolve the strategy. We focus at social listening and report on a number of different KPIs in line with your overall goals, these include mentions, likes, conversions and sign ups /registrations from certain channels. We review the results and refine our strategy for an ongoing improvement of your social engagement.

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  • PPC
  • PPC Services

    Pay-Per-Click is one of the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools, because it allows to deliver your advertising message in the most accurate manner. From search engines and social networking sites you already get your "warm" target audience. Moreover, PPC allows to focus on certain narrow audience segments, short-term promotions and seasonal offers of your business.

    Our PPC working style is about:

    1 Research

    To understand how to shape your paid search marketing the best way for your online strategy, first of all we should understand your business objectives and your market. We gather your ROI requirements and begin our research for keywords, competitors and audience search behavior. If you already have a PPC account, we will organize a full audit to highlight key areas for improvement. After all these preparations, Katra Marketing specialist will develop your sustained PPC strategy.

    2 Implementation

    At the implementation stage of Pay-per-click activities, we create your new, enhanced account. We divide our ad groups to a very refined level that allows us to test, prove and deliver. Each ad group contains a limited amount of keywords to be sure your ads are closely linked - reducing CPC (cost-per-click) and, as a result, increasing ROI. We make an appealing and friendly ad selection for your specific industry and target audience, including a number of different CTAs based on your enterprise goals.

    3 Testing

    During online advertising campaign we run your ads equally for a certain amount of time and carefully observe the response we get. We can also arrange several split test for your landing pages at this stage to understand how the user behaves in your website after clicking. We use a number of different analytic metrics to clarify which paid ads attract the right audience for you and definitely lead to conversions.

    4 Improve

    In a ongoing way we optimize, test and refine your PPC campaign to ensure that you are getting the traffic of real quality. We stay ahead of the industry and keep up to date with trends and competitor activity. Your PPC campaign will run in parallel with your other marketing activity to ensure your message is synonymous across all channels.

  • Strategic Planning Offer

    Your digital marketing strategy forms the base of all your marketing striving – arrange everything right, and you will be provided with list of steps that will lead you directly to your business goals.

    Katra Marketing can help you get your marketing strategy up and running, and keep building it so you can do what matters most and grow your business in Jordan without any obstacle.

    A marketing plan is the first step to a highly effective marketing strategy. It allows you to see where your business is at where you want it to be and how you are going to get there. In Katra Marketing we can write strategic marketing plans aimed for Jordan, or Gulf area; researched and targeted for your needs.

    That's how we work about your marketing strategy:

    1 Research & Set

    To create your marketing plan, we analyze your competitors, research your business field and develop a thoughtful marketing strategy that matches your business. Planning your marketing activities as an ongoing project means you will save your valuable time, budget and avoid hit-and-miss marketing. Katra Marketing's marketing analytics focus on practical strategies, which deliver definite results you can measure.

    2 Make It Clear

    Getting to where you want to go is easy if you know the road. For this stage we take your stated goals and form a one year duration set of practical steps to help get your business reach where you want it to be. Our analyst will meet with you to identify specific marketing activities and budgets.
    Dividing your strategic marketing plan for business in Jordan into month-by-month tasks and certain levels means you will be able to effectively track your strategy realization progress and realize the benefits.

    3 Implement

    When you focus on the implementation stage of the process, which is the putting of the marketing strategies and plans into action, it is always exiting. But at the same time it's a lot of work, each employee of your company should be involved into. Make sure your personnel understands how the marketing plan matches your business's goals, objectives, priorities and policies, and all the responsibilities are set. Second, sufficient time and money have to be devoted to the marketing objectives. Third, managers should make a step forward and be ready for meetings with monthly updates. Fourth, there should be proper technology and management systems involved: it is necessary to track progress.

    4 Evaluate & Measure

    The evaluation focuses on the certain sides of the plan and on the overall goals. To stay on your way you should treat your marketing plan as a living document that you continually revise. You should determine how well the plan has been implemented and what in your marketing plan's structure and tasks you need to correct. Corrective action during this phase helps ensure that the strategic marketing plan meets expectations.

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  • branding
  • Branding for Business

    From a simple "refresh" to a complete brand reconstruction, Katra marketing assists you to find and establish your company's true brand identity.

    Our work about your brand can be outlined as:

    1 Insight & Strategy

    Our marketing specialists will live and breathe your company, your customers and your competitors to bring valuable insights into your business development process. We enhance our searches and build an all-embracing, carefully planned brand strategy for Jordanian market. Our brand strategy describes your company mission, vision and values, positioning and, most important and clear goals. We define your brand personality, who you are, what you are, your voice tone for the customers and what your story is. And this the moment where your brand starts to be perfectly clear.

    2 Idea & Image

    Katra Marketing develops your brand strategy into visual elements, we are helping you to find the company logotype. We start with a mindmap and some sketching describing what your brand stands for and identifies. This allows us to start creating corporate concepts that represent the whole spectrum of your products and services. And after that it's time to send you our initial concepts and ask you to choose the most impressive logo you want to have as a visual of your brand.

    3 Refining

    We keep you acquainted with every step of the way, we show our primary ideas to you and take your feedbacks into account. After the final discussion our specialists will refine everything and create your final logo - and here you go!

    4 Delivery

    Your new brand solution has been created. We take our brand strategy and, together with your new logo, generate your company brand guideline. This includes color references, logo usage rules, brand statements, typography and editorial tone. This is a priceless document for every business, and it will assure that your brand is always represented in the right way.

  • Successful Business Websites

    Your site is not just a line in your business card. Katra Marketing uses the latest trends from internet marketing and UX, so your company online looks attractive for your prospects.

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