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Our SEO packages are very clear and understandable. Each offer includes a set of certain strategies and measurable goals.

No matter which search engine optimization offer you will choose, it will define a positive pace throughout your company internet presence, presenting the best balance of internet-marketing audit services and task implementation that aims on developing the internet visibility of your local business and Return On Investment.

With a package SEOKatra10 you will have:


Business Analyst Work + Internet Marketing Specialist Work = Monthly Package of Search Engine Optimization, adapted for your business needs, to promote you locally, in Jordan, or worldwide.

Great for personal websites, start-ups, or as a "give it a try" of the quality of our service before making decision about a bigger SEO Package, our SEOKatra10 Plan will be a nice start to your company Organic Search visibility.

1 Initial Scope of Work

Business Analyst will collaborate with you about your company website needs, getting the full picture about your business, performing his predefined SEOKatra10 set of tasks. A result of his work will be a detailed plan of custom SEO requirements that suit to your corporate website and your target market.
In addition, our Internet Marketing Specialist will search and define link opportunities for your website, refreshing your website content with relevant and case-unique links.
Together, your Business Analyst and Internet Marketing Specialist will work 10 hours every month, delivering your SEOKatra10 Package, reporting the implementation along with the process, and explanations of the online marketing objectives reached: that's what we mean when we talk about highly transparent approach for our internet services.

Furthermore, Your personal team of Katra Marketing will create and describe a Plan of Actions, to approve it with you; as our mutually beneficial relationship gets the clear optimization goals, the priority of our SEO tasks will be refined every month based on the improving visibility of your website for the Search Engines. There will be some specific SEO tasks described below. Time for their implementation will be also calculated and refined for your custom SEO objectives and actions important for your website.

2 Looking For Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrase research is the main step in managing SEO and PPC marketing campaigns. It's very important to make competitor website analysis, and to “speak the same language” as your target audience and to help them find what they are searching – and what your product is.

3 Website Architecture

Every month after the Plan of Actions preparation your Business Analyst and Internet Marketing Specialist will revise the structure of your website to be sure it remains highly Search Engine-friendly. The checklist contains more than 20 positions in the list, such as:
• Google Analytics tuning, Goals arrangement and Ecommerce Tracking
• 404 “Page Not Found” Errors
• Internal Broken Link Check&Fix
• HTML Errors
• Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Files
• Reported crawl errors and statistic,
• Dealing with Google Webmaster Tools,
• External Broken Link Check

4 SEO Actions - Website

• Analytical research and Search Engine Optimisation of main and first-level web pages as well as assistance with the writing of additional SEO-friendly pages, to clarify the balance of keyword phases usage with your brand message.
• Renew/revise title, description and other meta data tags setting website pages to best alliance with your keyword phrases chosen, as well as maximising keyword rankings, CTR and common traffic.
• Usage of internal linkbuilding to maximise link value.

5 Google Places Optimisation

• Create, claim or update your Google Places page.
• Revise and upload necessary information as required to get 100% completion.

6 Social Media Configuration

Well, in comparison with overall SEO impact, the role of Social Media connection with SEO ensures the monitoring of your company social networks' profiles and actions from the SEO perspective. Your Business Analyst will collaborate with you to ensure that your SM accounts are correctly arranged for the best SEO value. In Katra Marketing we are working with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube company pages and profiles, as well as tuning other specific pages for your business social media.


price-marketing.jpgHow Much Will It Cost?

SEOKatra10 is a combined effort of Katra Marketing team work, with planned activities and recommendations from your Business Analyst, Internet Marketing Specialist and their support team. If the package is more complex, or you need to have various types of internet marketing services, our Project Manager will prepare a suitable offer, based on your business requirements and marketing objectives.

Our terms are based on a month-to-month commitment with no long term obligations or mutually uncomfortable contracts.

productivity.jpgHow Soon Can You Begin?

If you decide to work with us, you will get a simple part-time agreement mentioning all the targeted work. It will depend on our project timetable, as a rule we can usually start within ten days since the agreement signing and payment. Our Sales Manager and Project Manager will be following your case.

package.jpgAnything Else To Know?

Check all SEO Packages of Katra Marketing and find out how we can assist you to rise your online traffic, enhance the quality of lead generation and grow your sales revenues. You also can contact us anytime for a personal talk about your company SEO wishes.