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marketing-plan.jpgWhat's a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is the main step to a highly valuable marketing strategy. To say it clear, it lets you to clarify where your business is, where you desire it to be and the certain set of actions you have to take to get there.

 At Katra Marketing, our marketing plans are individually created for your business by an experienced marketing specialist. Based on your defined goals, Katra Marketing will create a 12 month planning set of practical actions to help get your business in the desirable direction.

To write your marketing plan, we define your competition, research your current state and your industry potential and elaborate a careful strategy suitable to your business.

marketing.jpgWhy Does Business Need a Marketing Plan?

A lot of company owners are neglecting a marketing plan, considering it's not an essential part, and managing their marketing steps on an experiential basis. However, like most things in business, you must have a strategic attitude and a logical effort to achieve results.

Taking care of your marketing procedures means you will spare your time, company budget and will get rid of hit-and-miss marketing fuss. We intent on basic practical strategies, that bring measurable results. Marketing specialist will analyse and decide about marketing solutions that are matching your type of industry and business sector. Dividing your marketing plan into monthly periods means you will follow your progress carefully: it's transparent and efficient.

Many of our clients in Jordan are willing to implement their marketing plans with the help of our reliable marketing support services. Our realistic and close  approach make us great for this task. Contact Katra Marketing today to create a solid base for your business success.

plan-price.jpgHow Much Will It Cost?

The pricing range for marketing plans' writing is very broad and depend on many factors  the size of your company, your goals, business' geographic spreading, your annual sales, the quota for marketing budget, your level of commitment to company growth, company owner's former initiatives, the depth of our market survey needs and how much time the marketing specialist will need to spend to fully cover all these elements. So, we can't say at once. However, if you’d like to apply for Katra Marketing to come to your business, you can fill the form below. We will contact you within three days.


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